Getting Ready To Buy Cattle, Sheep or Deer?

If you want to buy livestock, the first step you need to do is secure livestock finance.

Finding the right finance company or bank can impact on the result that you’re looking for, by setting the right rate for your situation.

The best scenario, to give you peace of mind, is to know that you can access livestock finance that allows you not only to draw down the loan when you need it, but to also give you the advantage of locking in the right price when you find livestock for sale that you need.

Having access to a livestock finance application at your fingertips is why ‘Open For Livestock’ was created to be quick and easy for you to use.

How To Apply

The Open for Livestock process is quick and easy, plus you can apply from anywhere that has an internet connection (you can do this on your mobile phone).

Benefits of livestock finance with Heartland Bank:

  • 100% livestock finance available
  • Secured against livestock
  • Repayment on sale of stock
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Purchasing Livestock Online

Plus if you’re looking to buy livestock online, you can now access livestock trading at your fingertips.

We’ve partnered with StockX, a New Zealand company that allows farmers to buy and sell trading livestock online.

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