Why choose us?

Heartland Bank is a New Zealand owned and operated Bank, deposits from New Zealanders around the region help fuel our livestock loans.

At Heartland Bank we pride ourselves on finding products for people, not people for products. Our unique ‘Open for Livestock’ website is designed for New Zealand farmers who want an easy online livestock finance application.

Here’s what we can provide you:

  • 100% livestock finance available
  • Secured against the livestock
  • Repayment on sale of stock

On top of this, we have a team with a wide range of skills to help you including a unique combination of: hands on experience growing up on a farm, education from New Zealand’s leading farming universities, experience in the livestock trading industry, and New Zealand banking.

We’re here to help you with your livestock finance. You can apply online, or if you would prefer, email us at openforlivestock@heartland.co.nz or call us on 0800 87 50 50.

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Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. $100 discount on the establishment fee only applies to Livestock loans successfully drawn down.