The State of the Nation with Ben Russell


On June 29th, Heartland’s Head of Rural, Ben Russell, recently caught up with Jamie Mackay on The Country radio show to give his views on the farming sector.

If you are interested to listen to a fresh perspective about New Zealand’s agricultural industry, have a listen to Ben’s most recent interview. He covers numerous topics, including the positive results the industry has seen this winter season so far despite the difficult weather, the need to remember the inherent volatility of the dairy industry and dairy prices, and his take on the meat sector, particularly the high lamb prices which have surpassed expectations this season.

On the topic of meat, Ben says it’s a classic demand and supply story with high demand but decreasing supply from New Zealand farmers due to low long term profitability. He hopes to see prices at a level where farmers have enough confidence to grow the sector again.

Click on the play button below to listen in on the full interview, and hear Ben also talk about the free online Livestock Finisher Tool we recently launched with NZX AgriHQ.

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