How it works

Heartland Bank makes livestock finance easy through Open for Livestock by financing the purchase of stock and paying the invoice directly. You then carry the stock through to sale and sell it. You’ll receive the sale value less the purchase price and finance cost and you simply repay us directly.

How livestock finance works

  • Decide the loan amount: set the loan limit.
  • Paying the invoice: we settle the purchase livestock invoice in full.
  • 100% livestock finance: we fund the cost of the livestock, plus the interest accrued over the time needed until the stock is ready for sale.

The benefits for you

  • 100% livestock finance, security taken over the livestock (not your farm)
  • Apply online at any time
  • Draw down your facility when you need it, you pay for only what you use
  • It’s flexible, you make all of the purchase and sale decisions.

Plus throughout this application process there are no obligations, you pay off your loan when you sell your stock and our rates are competitive as they are based on your situation.

How to apply

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